About Bruce

Bruce Templeton

Bruce Templeton is an investment advisor, a Rotarian, a past chair of the St. John’s Board of Trade and former regional  manager for the Bowring retail chain.

He has written three books about his experiences assisting Santa, including national and Globe and Mail bestseller The Man in the Red Suit (2012), The Man with the White Beard (2014) and Twenty-Four Teddy Bears (2016).

For the past 38 years he has assisted Santa Claus during more than 1,500 visits with children. He believes in the healing power of the Christmas season.

Bruce is also a professional public speaker, accredited by the Canadian Association of Professional Public Speakers. He has appeared at TEDx events, as well. Find out more about the topics Bruce can cover, and see samples of his professional speaking here.


5 thoughts on “About Bruce

  1. yvonne williams

    I just finished reading The Man in the Red Suit…it was just a great read…I laughed and I cried…very emotional read…You are indeed SANTA’S great assistant, and indeed one of Gods angels…Good Luck…PS thanks for the walking doll many, many Christmases ago…

    • Bruce Templeton

      Yvonne and help me bring St. Nicholas back.

      Glad you enjoyed the read.
      Year 34 starts on Sunday at the parade with 52 visits up until Christmas Eve in the Janeway when I will say good bye to Santa and he goes back to the North Pole.
      It is a shared ministry.


  2. Nicole (North Star Inn)

    I had the opportunity to meet Bruce this evening and although I’m yet to read the book ( just hearing about it today ) I was overwhelmed at such an amazing person who does such amazing things. I cannot wait to get my own copy to read and to be able to say I have met the author, who is a kind and incredible human being!
    You rock Bruce!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the spirit of St. Nicholas throughout our community! I have heard you share some of your experiences at Momondays for two years in a row now and thoroughly enjoy it! Looking forward to reading your books in the future. Merry Christmas to both you and Mrs. St. Nicholas!!

  4. Heather Shannon

    In December 2014 I read your wonderful book, The Man in the Red Suit – such a heartwarming emotional book – each night I looked so forward to my chapter for the day – thanks for sharing your stories and experiences Bruce. I have my own ‘Santa’ in my home – he’s been helping make Christmas special for many over the past 37 years and he finds it very rewarding, and I found I could relate to many of your visits and feelings as you travelled through the Christmas month. Looking forward to The Man with the White Beard. Thanks

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