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Bruce TempletonKnown for his ability to lure an audience’s undivided attention through his delivery and content, Bruce Templeton uses his own life experiences and stories to highlight thoughtful points to consider – about the virtues of life, family, youth and children.

He demonstrates community and business leadership through being an example himself, living by his own motto that it is your presence, not presents, that count.

CAPS-logoBruce’s professional public speaking engagements revolve around that concept, and he leaves those who hear him speak inspired to fully focus on the moments and opportunities immediately in front of them, as well as their long term goals. He has appeared in TEDx Talks and is also accredited with the Canadian Association of Public Speakers (CAPS); you can find his official CAPS profile here.

He is the only Canadian Santa of the twenty living Santa’s in the world in the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame. He has been knighted as a Knight of St. Nicholas and has a passion for making memories for children.

For the past 38 years he has assisted Santa Claus through more than 1,500 visits with children. He believes in the healing power of the Christmas season, and the stories he selects for each audience he meets are tailored to thematically speak directly to them. Bruce’s years of commitment to his calling have led to thousands of encounters for him to share that are guaranteed to evoke emotion and resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Professionally, Bruce is an investment advisor, as well as a Rotarian, past chair of the St. John’s Board of Trade, and a past Provincial Commissioner with Scouts Canada.

He has written three books about his experiences assisting Santa, including national and Globe and Mail bestseller The Man in the Red Suit (2012), The Man with the White Beard (2014) and Twenty-Four Teddy Bears (2016).

Bruce is a Major Donor PHF with Rotary International and proceeds from all three of his books have supported the Polio Plus program.


“As a TEDx-trained speaker, Bruce Templeton undertook a 16-week intensive coaching program that further honed his skills in constructing and delivering a TED style talk that is sure to inspire. In May 2015, Bruce took the stage as the final speaker at the fourth, sold-out TEDxStJohns. At once, 350 in attendance hushed, captivated by what is a truly magical presence, and by a story of the spirit St. Nicholas and of generosity told like never before. Bruce’s talk received an enthusiastic, tear filled standing ovation, and has since been viewed online more than 1200 times.” – Chris Gardner

“Bruce Templeton spoke to the Gower Street United Church Men’s Club Congregational Christmas Dinner on December 06, 2016. Speakers are asked to keep their remarks to 15 to 20 minutes. Bruce Templeton could have kept talking about his activities and accomplishments assisting Santa and people would have stayed all night. He received a spontaneous standing ovation when he finished and it was heartfelt. One person attending was heard to comment, “Bruce brings Christmas alive for the people he talks to.” Another remarked that “He is master at developing childhood delights and helping to create memories that will last for a lifetime.” He was also described as “a word-painting specialist whose joy in what he does is present in every visit he makes.” He is a superb after dinner or key-note speaker and the Gower Men’s Club heartily recommends him to all and sundry.”

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