Q ‘n A with the author… part three

We continue with our interview series with The Man in the Red Suit and The Man with the White Beard‘s author Bruce Templeton today! Here are the final five questions Bruce recently answered that reveal who has contributed the Forward for his new book as well as some of his other collaborators!

  1. Were there any stories you found particularly hard to write?

I found it hard to ask the families to write the stories of their children’s visits with Santa in the hospital. But it is part of their healing and acceptance to tell their stories.

  1. There’s very personal photo to you that will appear in the second book, can you share the story behind it?

There is a photo of St. Nicholas in the new book and it was fun to get the support of church leaders to create the real St. Nicholas. These are not “props” but the real thing and I thank the church leaders for the support and understanding. There is also an inter-generational family photo from the first book, recreated for the second book but at this point it may or may not make the cut!

  1. The first book had a portion of its proceeds go to Rotary’s Polio Plus program, will there be a similar tie-in with book two?

Yes, the first book has directly and indirectly raised the funding for 200,000 dosed of Polio Vaccine for children in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria with Rotary. We will continue that work with Rotary and the support of the World Health Organization.

  1. Who are some of the people you have worked with on this project, and what has the collaboration process been like with them?

It is always a privilege to collaborate with talented people. I had two gifted editors, an amazing team at Creative Book Publishers, an understanding group of corporations and government offices who did work through all issues that arose. In one case, I had to track down the writer of a poem in 1995 after the death of her child. I took called to the US registry office, her town’s Board of Trade, a funeral home who buried her daughter, and learning now her new surname following her separation and remarriage and her moving to a totally different city in the US. The lady was astonished that anyone would work that hard to find her. Her poem is in the book now with her consent. That is the process you must follow.

  1. Book one’s forward was provided by Danny Williams, will this one also have one? And, if so how and why did you choose the individual who would provide it?

The simple truth is that you are trying to ask someone whose name will appear on the cover who is widely known and respected by many. This time, I went to Sister Elizabeth Davis, RSM at the Sisters of Mercy. Sister Elizabeth seemed like a natural choice. She supports my belief in St. Nicholas and she is the former head of Eastern Health so she appreciates my small “M” ministry if that is what it is. She sees what I do through her experience and I admire her.

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