Q ‘n A with the author… part one

The author of The Man in the Red Suit and soon to be released Man with the White Beard, Bruce Templeton, took some time out of his busy schedule to do a 15 question Q ‘n A in advance of a book launch celebration.  That event, which will be taking place on September 30 at Bally Haly Country Club, is open to anyone interested in attending – just email pam.dooley@transcontinental.ca to confirm.  You can learn more about the event as well as other appearances on our signings and sightings page.

Here is part one of the interview with Bruce, check back soon for successive installments and more online features!

  1. What inspired the second book?

The impact of the first book has caused a huge number of people ask for the second one. People have wanted to know about the children of the first book and “where are they now?’ Also, many people came with their own stories of how Santa has held their children and been there for them in the past 35 years.

  1. Are there follow ups in the second book from the stories in the first?

Yes, we follow the children of the first book and introduce the reader to some new children and some new families as well.

  1. How will this book be arranged compared to the first and why have you arranged it that way?

This little memoir follows the style and format of the first book. It is portable and an easy read on an airplane, subway and a quiet read for a few hours in front of the fire. Yes, I recommend a glass of wine and a box of tissues. All of the stories are true.

  1. What is the Santa Claus Oath? What body oversees it, and why is it important?

The Santa Claus Oath is a code of conduct which carefully outlines the trust and the behaviour expected of those who assist Santa. The use of the Oath and the crest are not given lightly and I was honoured to be granted the right to use it as the arc of the new book.

  1. What is the difference between Santa Claus and St. Nicolas? Do you identify with one more than the other?

Santa Claus and St. Nicholas are very different. Santa is only in his 80’s and started as a corporate marketing symbol. St. Nicholas is over 1700 years old and stands for very much more. He is the patron saint of children and his stories of his generosity should be told and retold.

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