Bruce Templeton follows up debut book with a new Fall 2014 release

A lot has happened since Bruce Templeton first released The Man in the Red Suit– lots of funds have been raised through the sale of the Globe & Mail best seller for Rotary’s Polio Plus program, Bruce has heard from many people who have read the stories and were touched, and many have reached out with updates after their exciting meetings with Santa were first arranged.  Bruce has also had the opportunity to travel with the book, and spread his important messages about spending quality time with family – that it’s your presence not presents that count.

man with the white beard cover

FIRST LOOK: The Man with the White Beard cover released.

All of that has led to a follow up publication, scheduled for release this fall in September from Creative Book Publishing, called The Man with the White Beard. It will feature another set of 25 stories, and include some news on individuals readers met in the first book.  The forward this time is contributed by Sister Elizabeth Davis. On the cover, which you’re getting a first look at right here, the Santa Claus Oath is on the bulb Santa holds, representing a very important oath, Bruce had to get special permission for it to appear.

Coming soon to this official website, Bruce will be answer a few questions about the process of putting this sequel together, what readers can expect to find between the covers, and more.

For now, we can pass along some information about the official launch that will take place September 30 at the Bally Haley Country Club from 5pm to 7pm.  Everyone is welcome, and you can RSVP or tell friends about it using this Facebook event listing.  Looking forward to having you there to celebrate the release at the launch!

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One thought on “Bruce Templeton follows up debut book with a new Fall 2014 release

  1. Shirlee LaCour

    Dear Santa,

    I just finished reading The Man with the White Beard and enjoyed it just as much as The Man in the Red Suit! I am so happy you wrote those books and that you do what you do. I thought I would share our Christmas story with you.

    On December 9, 1993 our son, Kristopher, was born 6 weeks early. Obviously this was a very stressful time for our family. Kristopher was in the NICU for the first couple of weeks of his life and then finally graduated to the Nursery for another few weeks. We spent most of our time there with him and have to say that the staff at the Janeway were just fabulous with Kristopher, and his mom and dad too!

    On Christmas Eve we reluctantly left and went home to get some rest. We knew Kristopher was in good hands! I remember lying in bed thinking how sad it was that Kristopher wouldn’t have his first Christmas picture taken with Santa and we could never recreate that moment.

    The next morning we went to the Janeway to spend time with Kristopher. When we arrived at his bedside there was the sweetest picture ever, Kristopher with Santa! This must have been taken some time after we left on Christmas Eve night. There was a gift for him there as well by the little Christmas tree.

    On January 12, 1994 Kristopher was discharged from the Janeway to come home with his family! All the Christmas decorations were put away except for the Christmas tree and all Kristopher’s gifts were waiting for him. Our families came over the day he came home and we opened his gifts with him!

    We are very happy and proud to say that Kristopher is a strong and healthy young man today thanks to Santa and the staff of the Janeway.

    Keith and Shirlee LaCour

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