Q ‘n A with the author… part one

The author of The Man in the Red Suit and soon to be released Man with the White Beard, Bruce Templeton, took some time out of his busy schedule to do a 15 question Q ‘n A in advance of a book launch celebration.  That event, which will be taking place on September 30 at Bally Haly Country Club, is open to anyone interested in attending – just email pam.dooley@transcontinental.ca to confirm.  You can learn more about the event as well as other appearances on our signings and sightings page.

Here is part one of the interview with Bruce, check back soon for successive installments and more online features!

  1. What inspired the second book?

The impact of the first book has caused a huge number of people ask for the second one. People have wanted to know about the children of the first book and “where are they now?’ Also, many people came with their own stories of how Santa has held their children and been there for them in the past 35 years.

  1. Are there follow ups in the second book from the stories in the first?

Yes, we follow the children of the first book and introduce the reader to some new children and some new families as well.

  1. How will this book be arranged compared to the first and why have you arranged it that way?

This little memoir follows the style and format of the first book. It is portable and an easy read on an airplane, subway and a quiet read for a few hours in front of the fire. Yes, I recommend a glass of wine and a box of tissues. All of the stories are true.

  1. What is the Santa Claus Oath? What body oversees it, and why is it important?

The Santa Claus Oath is a code of conduct which carefully outlines the trust and the behaviour expected of those who assist Santa. The use of the Oath and the crest are not given lightly and I was honoured to be granted the right to use it as the arc of the new book.

  1. What is the difference between Santa Claus and St. Nicolas? Do you identify with one more than the other?

Santa Claus and St. Nicholas are very different. Santa is only in his 80’s and started as a corporate marketing symbol. St. Nicholas is over 1700 years old and stands for very much more. He is the patron saint of children and his stories of his generosity should be told and retold.

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Bruce Templeton follows up debut book with a new Fall 2014 release

A lot has happened since Bruce Templeton first released The Man in the Red Suit- lots of funds have been raised through the sale of the Globe & Mail best seller for Rotary’s Polio Plus program, Bruce has heard from many people who have read the stories and were touched, and many have reached out with updates after their exciting meetings with Santa were first arranged.  Bruce has also had the opportunity to travel with the book, and spread his important messages about spending quality time with family – that it’s your presence not presents that count.

man with the white beard cover

FIRST LOOK: The Man with the White Beard cover released.

All of that has led to a follow up publication, scheduled for release this fall in September from Creative Book Publishing, called The Man with the White Beard. It will feature another set of 25 stories, and include some news on individuals readers met in the first book.  The forward this time is contributed by Sister Elizabeth Davis. On the cover, which you’re getting a first look at right here, the Santa Claus Oath is on the bulb Santa holds, representing a very important oath, Bruce had to get special permission for it to appear.

Coming soon to this official website, Bruce will be answer a few questions about the process of putting this sequel together, what readers can expect to find between the covers, and more.

For now, we can pass along some information about the official launch that will take place September 30 at the Bally Haley Country Club from 5pm to 7pm.  Everyone is welcome, and you can RSVP or tell friends about it using this Facebook event listing.  Looking forward to having you there to celebrate the release at the launch!

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NL Volunteer Hall of Fame will induct Bruce Templeton

We have learned that Bruce Templeton will be inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Hall of Fame in October 2014 at a gala event.  Announced by former Lt. Governor Edward Roberts, who is the chair of the selection committee, Bruce is one of eight individuals who will be inducted into the hall this year.

“The Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Hall of Fame allows exceptional people to stand as an inspiration to our community, and particularly to our youth,” said Roberts during the announcement.

The gala and induction event will take place on Friday, October 3 at the Sheraton Hotel, starting at 6:30pm with a silent auction before the dinner at 7:30pm. Proceeds from the event will go to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and more information is available on the Volunteer Hall of Fame’s website.

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Man in the Red Suit now an e-book!

Have you read Bruce Templeton’s The Man in the Red Suit and enjoyed it so much that you’ve told family and friends to get a copy? Or, did you travel and leave yours home? Perhaps you haven’t gotten a copy yet at all and are looking for a new heartwarming read to get into.  Now, getting a copy of The Man in the Red Suit is easier than ever.

This morning, the news was announced that Templeton’s book has been released in an e-book format downloadable to a Kindle, Kobo, or Nook.  The Kindle version is available immediately and you can download it to start reading in under a minute by clicking here to purchase it from Amazon.  Both the Kobo and Nook versions will appear in a short time from now, so be on the look out if you have either of those apps or e-readers.

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Bruce Templeton on Bell Aliant Community One program

Bell Aliant’s Community One channel has a program called In Conversation that Man in the Red Suit author Bruce Templeton was happy to get involved with.  The program wanted to do a Christmas special for 2013, and Mr. Templeton sat down with Roger Bill for an in-depth interview.

The whole program is available online by clicking here, or clicking on the screen grab below.  Enjoy!


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Bruce & Santa are calling for your stories

It’s that time of year where you and your family are no doubt reflecting on memories of Christmases past and looking forward to making new ones this year.

Bruce Templeton is very busy helping Santa with his visits to various places in Newfoundland and Labrador ahead of the big night, but he’s also working with Santa to put together a new collection of stories.  He called in a favour with the jolly old elf himself to make a short call for story submissions, which you can see below.

Santa even plays a little Christmas ditty on the piano!  Anyone wishing to forward their memories and stories of times they or their children have met Santa, thanks to Bruce’s help can forward info along to santastories2013@gmail.com.

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Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Awards handed out

Bruce Templeton was honoured last night at the Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Awards, along with Ashlee Gosse, for his efforts to raise funds for Rotary Polio Plus.  Over 150,000 vaccinations against polio have been afforded thanks to the proceeds raised through the sale of Templeton’s book The Man in the Red Suit (Creative Publishing) amongst other initiatives.


Check out this clipping from The Telegram of Bruce at the gala event.

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Public readings and events coming up soon!

As the holiday season draws near, Bruce Templeton’s schedule gets busier – between his duties as Santa’s assistant, and sharing the stories of The Man in the Red Suit.  There are a number of readings and events coming up, check out the Signings & Sightings pages for the full list of new events just recently added today.  Here’s a poster for a family friendly reading happening soon at Chapters on Kenmount Road.


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Bruce in the media: Santa’s helper earns humanitarian award

The Telegram has run an article about Bruce Templeton receiving the Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Award in advance of the ceremony later this week.  Take a look!


Click above to visit the Media section and read the article.

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The Man in the Red Suit featured in Costco Connections magazine

The latest issue of Costco Connections features an article on The Man in the Red Suit, coming to Costco locations across the country very soon! Bruce Templeton, the book’s author, will also be by some locations to do signings! Stay tuned to the Signings and Sightings page for when and where.  In the mean time, here’s the article:


Click the image above for a larger version.

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